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Ghost Tours Belton Texas
The Ghost Wagon Tour of haunted downtown Belton Texas is a 90 minute walking tour that follows a custom built paranormal investigation center on wheels. The Ghost Wagon has its’ Ghost-Wagon-screen-1own electric generator that powers special computer software to detect supernatural phenomenon.

This one-of-a-kind mobile ghost hunting 
Belton Ghost Tourscart features several on-board “Spirit Detection” devices that display in real time on a
32 inch flat screen television. This means you will be able to see a radar screen detecting EMF anomalies while you hear spoken words being picked up by a “Ghost Box”!

After your Ghost Tour you will be able to download a complete record of all the Ghost Words spoken during your tour. Your Ghost Tour Words will be posted on this website under the Ghost Words tab in the menu bar, usually within 24 hours after the tour. You can select your tour date and download the list of Ghost Words for that tour to your computer.

Belton Texas Ghost Tours

The Ghost Wagon walking tour rolls to several interesting locations as tour participants get to hear and see what many believe to be ghosts coming through in various spots along the route.

You never know where the ghosts might come through on this ghost tour or what they may say, and the good thing about being with a group is that the more people there, the more chance there is that some of the messages coming through will be for someone there. The tour lasts approximately one and a half hours (90 minutes) and covers one 1 mile.

We have seen some remarkable and dramatic results using these state of the art ghost hunting tools, and if the spirits are active during your ghost tour, you may see some things that will blow your mind!

Ghost Tour Texas